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2016 October 04, 10:55 PM

Kalatu Quick Tip 9-How to Utilize the Editorial Calendar

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Sometimes when your sitting down at your computer do you stop to think about what Topic your going to Blog about?

Or how about if you do figure out a Subject for your Blog post but then start wondering

if your going to create a simple Text Post with some Images and maybe some Inspirational Quotes

or maybe just a simple Video Tutorial (like this one),LOL,

only to find that maybe you need to do much more than just 1 blog post everyday

that can take a few minutes or even Hours out of your day.

Well then, in this Video Tutorial I walk you through how to overcome that daily roadblock

by showing you how to utilize an Amazing Plugin found inside of your Kalatu Premium

Blog Dashboard.

With this Tool you can add your content for as many days as you like,for example…

Imagine if you will that you had an Inspiring Moment where you knew without a doubt that you could literally

write about it for days and days and create some awesome content for your Blog.

That is fabulous! Your Inspired and Ready to Blog but then you suddenly become just a little disenchanted and find yourself

slowing in your quest to create that “Perfect Blog Post”.

Don’t worry about it,your not alone, it happens to many Writers and Bloggers alike.

The answer…The Editorial Calendar found inside of Kalatu Premium.

Check out my latest Kalatu Quick Tips Tutorial on how this Tool can simplify your next Blogging Strategy.


P.S You just might get that”AHA” moment about 44 seconds in.



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