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2016 October 02, 7:14 PM

Kalatu Tutorial- How to use the Lightbox Plugin for more engagement.

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This Kalatu Tutorial will show you what the Lightbox Plugin is used for

and why you should consider using it on your Kalatu Blogs.

With Lightbox you can create a Pop up type of page for your Kalatu Blog

and even set it up to open up when someone comes to your Home Page,

Selected Pages or even certain Posts within your Kalatu Blog.

You can have a simple Image show up that contains a Call To Action on it if you like,

or you could even add a Sign up webform from your Autoresponder such as Kalatu Cloud

or others that you might use to collect Leads.

The sky is the limit with the Kalatu Lightbox Plugin,

use your imagination with this Amazing Plugin

found inside of Kalatu.

The Lightbox Plugin is just one of the many Plugins and Applications found inside of Kalatu.

Stay tuned for more Kalatu Tutorials.

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